Flashback Friday: Brad Phillips And Matt Ramsey

Dewitt is taking a well-deserved couple days off, so you guys are stuck with me for the time being. *passes you a tissue to cry into* One of my favorite features that my esteemed colleague writes is “Flashback Friday”. Vintage gay porn is SO fascinating to me. And sexy. The lack of polish (what’s HD?), the big hair and absence of manscaping, and the realistic bodies combine for a hot porn wayback machine experience.

Brad Phillips and Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North) got after it in a van for Colt’s The Company We Keep. That’s right, IN A FUCKING VAN. SO RETRO! If the van had a magical unicorn rearing up on a seacliff airbrushed on the side, this is officially the best porn ever.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Colt Studio Group

For more pics of Matt giving it and giving it good to Brad, Follow the JUMP: