Exclusive Interview With Randy Blue Model Sean Zevran

Sean Zevran is one of the hottest models in Randy Blue‘s stable of stallions. Look at him! Those chiseled good looks. That huge cock. An ass that could crack walnuts. Whether he’s plowing or getting plowed, Sean gives 110% in every scene. (And if you’ve seen any of Randy Blue‘s “Behind the Scenes” videos, you’ll also catch a glimpse of his wry sense of humor.)

Scroll on down to find out what Sean says about what turns him on, his ultimate fantasy scene, and how he got into the adult industry.


Photo credit: Randy Blue

Read Manhunt Daily‘s exclusive interview with Sean below:

Sean Zevran by JR Shoot

Sean, thanks so much for interviewing with us. Let’s start thing off simple. You have a diverse background. How did you first get into the adult industry, and why did you go with Randy Blue?

I had just finished taking my last final of my undergrad degree when a friend of mine—Brandon Wilde, who is also in the industry—gave me a call and told me he had submitted some photos of mine and my contact information to Randy Blue.

It caught me off guard and I laughed… But sure enough, Randy Blue contacted me that evening with a proposal to do a solo video and sign an exclusive contract with them. I told them I’d give it some thought, and after considering several factors—including the consequences of doing porn—it didn’t take long before I had made up my mind. A few weeks later, I was flying to Los Angeles to shoot my solo.

Since your debut with Randy Blue, your body has really changed and improved from scene to scene. What fuels that passion to improve? How do you stay in such great shape?

I have always been very physically active. In high school, I was a state competitor in track and field and cross country, and also, a good friend of mine and I started competing against one another toward my senior year to see who could pack on the most muscle. I stayed active in the gym throughout college and was also in the Marine Corps Reserve, so it was necessary to stay fit for the physical fitness test (on which I usually scored a 300).

Once I got into porn, the industry has a way of making one very much aware of every physical insecurity one has. So, motivated by both competitiveness and insecurities, I’ve worked my ass off (or should I say “on”) in the gym. And lately, I’ve had the desire to start competing in official competitions in physique class. Hopefully, I’ll be entering my first competition next year if I can continue at this pace. I’ve stayed fit and improved my body by working hard and adhering to a strict diet, which generally consists of eating six meals daily loaded with carbs and protein.

Sean Zevran for Randy Blue

Do your family and friends know about your gay porn career? How do they feel about it? And how does it feel when you get recognized in public?

I’m an honest, open book with everyone, and that includes my family. So, yes, my family is aware of my career in porn. I’m sure there are other things they wish I might have chosen, but they are nonetheless sincerely proud of me They know that whatever I choose to do, I will give it my all, and I am always first and foremost concerned about being a compassionate and ethical human being. Additionally, I did time in the military and have a college degree; they’re content to let a little wildness slide from time to time.

It used to be a little awkward when people recognized me, only because I wasn’t used to it, but eventually, I came to be confident in it and realized that I can make someone’s day by taking some time to introduce myself and chat with those that recognize me. That’s always a good feeling.

What’s the best part about working with Randy Blue? Besides fucking all the hot guys, I mean! How do you create that chemistry? Is it genuine, or is it acting?

The best part of working with Randy Blue is the opportunity it has provided for me insofar as traveling, meeting new people and experiencing new things. It’s allowed me to discover a lot about myself and the world, and also, to live on the edge a little.

As far as the fucking of hot guys, I’d say it’s a mix of chemistry and acting. Sometimes the chemistry just isn’t there, and so we improvise. Though, it goes without saying the hottest scenes are almost always those wherein there is strong chemistry between the two guys; or three or four, or however many.

Sean Zevran threeway

A lot of porn is around categories and fetishes. Being a biracial man, does this affect you? And if you could give any advice to up and coming porn stars of color, what would it be?

There are a lot fetishes in porn. It’s very interesting. It’s made me a lot more open-minded, that’s for sure.

As for being biracial, it doesn’t really affect how I perform or how I regard my role in the industry, but it seems everyone is trying to claim me—some people think I’m Latino, others try to label me black or a “man of color”. I don’t consider myself anything.

Race is ambiguous and, ultimately, irrelevant. As you know, I’m both black and white, but even if I were one or the other, those two racial labels are still quite ambiguous. If I could give any advice to upcoming porn models of color, or any upcoming models for that matter, it would be to be themselves and not place so much emphasis on race and stereotypes. What’s more relevant is personality and how a model performs.

Let’s say you have an upcoming opportunity to play out your biggest fantasy in your next scene. Describe for us what that looks like.

Oh, this is a fun question: I have several different fantasies I tend to envision, depending on my state of mind. I’m versatile and have a submissive side and a passionate side as a bottom and a top, respectively.

As a submissive bottom, I have this fantasy of being put in situations wherein I’m taken advantage of. For example, it’s hot to fantasize about being someone’s slutty rent boy, being blackmailed for sex or put into a quid pro quo situation, being date raped or going to jail for a night or two and being held down and used. Of course, these are situations that are better left as fantasies and not made realities. Plus, my ego is often too great to allow any of these things to happen, except for being a rent boy, which I have done on occasion.

As a top, my fantasies are a lot tamer. This is because I am very passionate and intimate as a top. Usually, I have a strong attraction to the boys I top. So, anything involving dates, movies, cuddling and other romantic situations are my fantasies as a top.

Sean Zevran tops Nick Sterling

Alright, let’s go into the man behind the brand. Who were you before you became Sean Zevran? And what’s Sean Zevran like when the cameras are off?

As I mentioned in the first question, immediately before my involvement in the industry, I was a college student majoring in philosophy with a minor in economics. I was also in the Marine Corps Reserve. I was one of the founding fathers of a fraternity on my college campus, as well as a member of numerous other extracurricular student organizations. And I had a lot going on even before college—I was a high school student working two and sometimes three jobs, a state competitor in track and field and cross country each year of high school, and I was class president three out of four years of high school.

All of this almost inevitably leads many to ask how I would end up in porn. The answer to that is simple: I pretty much ran myself ragged. I was so professionally driven toward the future before realizing I wasn’t a happy person. I also faced a difficult ethical conundrum regarding choosing a future as a Marine Corps officer. I completed Officer Candidates School in college and was on set to commission as an active duty lieutenant in the Corps, but I declined my commission upon graduation.

While I don’t regret any of the things I did, I needed some time to be young and stupid. I needed to take some time to live in the now. That’s pretty much the bottom line. When Randy Blue gave me that phone call, I saw an opportunity to liberate myself in a brazen manner of self-expression and defiance of social norms. I regret nothing.

To answer the second part of your question: Sean Zevran is the same on camera as he is off camera. I don’t like to pretend I’m something that I’m not. Besides, I am not very good at it. I appreciate who I am through the sum of my experiences and education and I don’t like to inhibit that. So, what you see is what you get. Most people can appreciate that.

Sean Zevran selfie

And I’m sure everyone wants to know this: are you single, and what kind of men do you like?

I am indeed single. Of course, realizing the physical qualities of guys that I like is easy, and any of my close friends by now can probably pick out from a mile away a guy I’m going to be physically attracted to.

Roughly, if a guy is a muscular Latino, Asian or mulatto, or just a guy with darker features, with wild haircuts and tattoos being a plus, or has some variation of these qualities, chances are I’m going to be eye-fucking him. I’m definitely not exclusive to that physical “type”, if you will, but I certainly have a higher attraction to those traits than others. Also, I’m a big legs and ass guy—I love me some muscular legs with a nice muscle ass, regardless of how the guy prefers to be sexually satisfied in the sack. He can’t be skippin’ leg day, bro.

But about personality… I’m still learning what personality traits attract me the most, but so far here are the ones I’ve figured out:

First, I’m not attracted merely to confidence, but what the military calls “command presence”. This is someone who is authoritative, tactfully takes charge of situations and inspires others to action. On the other hand, I have little patience for meekness and timidity.

Secondly, I respect those who use the most simple, straightforward solution to problems—all hail Occam’s razor. By the same token, I have no tolerance at all for people who dramatize problems. My tendency to logically analyze a situation and place it into different philosophical contexts often has me being perceived as insensitive, yet this is a quality and ability I highly value in myself and others.

Third, I’m invigorated by those who aren’t too lazy to think about complex issues, who have the capacity to understand my beliefs, and furthermore invigorated by those who can challenge my beliefs to the point where I need to suspend and reevaluate them. These are often the only people I feel emotionally comfortable opening up to and whose opinion I respect enough from whom to accept advice.

Last but not least, I’m attracted to those who do not defer to authority by virtue of authority itself and who have the fortitude to oppose moral and social norms when these norms do not serve to better our fellow human beings. I value those who dare to be creative and different, but not in a reckless way. There should be moderation between taking self-expression to the extreme and maintaining the utmost respect for other human beings.

So, there you have it. These qualities are not exclusively what I look for in a guy, but qualities that I have a natural inclination to gravitate toward.

Sean Zevran by JR Shoot

I know you haven’t been shy at all about your times growing up and being surrounded by racism in your hometown. Has doing gay porn changed your perception about gay men?

Not anymore than everyday life changes my opinion of human beings as a whole. We (human beings) are complex and cannot so easily be summarized in narrow groups. Many people, including gay men, have a tendency to label ourselves and others and look at things in a very limited way.

For example, some gay men might say, “Ugh, all gay men are horn dogs and cheaters”, but how many times have you heard women accusing straight men of the same thing? Or how many times have you heard men accusing women of things that are just as common for males?

We’re human, and understanding humanity takes a greater understanding than the labels of sexuality, gender, race or religion allow for. For a deeper analysis, I defer to psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists and all the rest of those guys.

You’re very eloquent in interviews and on Facebook. You’ve studied philosophy and economics and talk a lot about current events and politics. What do you see yourself doing after porn?

Well, Karsh, as you’ve personally known for a while, I plan to get enrolled back in school for a master’s degree, preferably in neuroscience. I am working on getting completely on top of things financially before getting back into school full-throttle, though. I eventually want to get accepted into a PhD program.

So, you could say my short-term goal is a master’s degree (unless I am accepted directly into a PhD program), followed by the long-term goal of maybe teaching and doing research in my given field. I am still not entirely certain. I am not even sure how far I wish to go in the porn industry.

Sean Zevran

Do you read any of the comments people leave online about your scenes? If you could tell those folks anything, what would it be?

Reading online comments about scenes is like reading the comments on online news articles. At best, it is only slightly amusing, and at worst, it is irritating. I no longer read the comments, so I have nothing to say about it really.

Okay, let’s make the last question fun. You have an opportunity to change your porn name to the name of your first pet and the first street you lived on as a kid. Tell the world your new porn name.

I don’t remember the very first street I lived on, but the one I do remember is called “Choctaw”. And the name of the first pet I had was a dog named “Sandy”. So I guess my new porn name is “Sandy Choctaw” or “Choctaw Sandy”, whichever ordering of the names you prefer.

Thanks for the interview, Karsh. I’m honored, and it’s always a pleasure to speak with you.