Eveything About This Photo Shoot Appeals To Me.

You may have noticed a pattern here! This is the third time I’ve mentioned Australia’s TROUGH X dance party. There’s no reason I should be writing about a party I’ll (most likely) never attend, especially considering I have literally no connection to the organizers or promoters… So what the hell keeps me coming back for more?

It’s simple! The photo shoots, the men featured in those photo shoots, and their ability to really make me wish I could go to this party. John Tsiavis and Nik Dimopoulos consistently churn out creative, oh-so-suggestive imagery (as seen here or here) that never fails to get me rock hard. Their latest set is no exception to the rule.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: John Tsiavis & Nik Dimopoulos

Click through to see more of this shoot:

Some videos from older parties: