Everything Butt: Scotty Dean

For all I can tell, people only care about two things related to the 2012 London Olympicsmen’s gymnastics and speedos. While you won’t get any of the former in this Everything Butt feature about gay porn newcomer Scotty Dean, you’ll at least start off with a bit of the latter.

“Fuckable” does not even begin to describe Scotty. His cheeks may not be as fantastically bubblicious as this, but there’s a nice perkiness that makes you want to reach in and grab ’em. Throw in a dusting of lightly-colored fuzz, a pair of thick thighs and those oddly-enticing shoulder freckles (which would be great to gaze upon while doing him doggystyle), and you’ve got the recipe for a man who needs to bottom in his future scenes… And when he does? We’ll be sure to let you know!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Next Door Male

Click through for some pics of Scotty Dean’s hot butt:

The obligatory shot of the front:

There are a few brief glimpses of Scotty’s cheeks in the trailer:

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