Everything Butt: Pistol Pete

In the discussion of gay porn’s best bottoms, Pistol Pete‘s name doesn’t come up nearly enough. Aside from taking this load on his face, the man has taken on some of the hottest tops in the industry–Tristan Jaxx, Bruno Bond, Scott Tanner and the list goes on…

Unfortunately, the US government has yet to institute a “National Pistol Pete Appreciation Day”, so we’ll have to settle on this measly ol’ post on Manhunt Daily. Take a moment to admire Pete’s jockstrap-clad cheeks. Once you’ve fully absorbed that sight, behold the wonder of a dick shoved deep in his willing and hungry hole. It’s a crime that this man doesn’t receive more attention! A crime, we tell you!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Raging Stallion

To check out Pistol Pete’s hot ass, follow the JUMP: