Everything Butt: Nick Sterling

Are you tired of Nick Sterling yet? We’re not. Seriously, I don’t think a single day goes by without J. Harvey asking how we can get his contact information for an interview. I’ve always assumed “for an interview” meant to “make arrangements for him to smother his face with those butt cheeks”, though I never said anything ’cause I was afraid HR would call me to their office.

No, but really! The two of us have fights (that only exist in my brain) over who would have to take sloppy seconds, should Nick ever throw himself hole-first at our penises. To be completely honest, sloppy seconds wouldn’t even matter, because Nick’s ass is so remarkable that you wouldn’t even care who tapped it before you. Ugh, why isn’t he backing that thang up on our dicks? Why? Why? WHY?

Oh, right! Because he’s too busy getting plowed by Sean Zevran. Fuck you, Sean Zevran.

Also, why didn’t you vote for Nick on The Ten? He’s currently in sixth place.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Randy Blue

To set your eyes on Nick’s heavenly mounds, follow the JUMP:

Putting that booty to good use: