Everything Butt: Mitch Branson

When you run out of ideas, sometimes it’s best to fall back on what you know! Admittedly, we had some difficulty finding a subject for today’s Everything Butt post, and this led to us returning to a pair of cheeks that we know all too well. So without further ado? We’d like to reintroduce you to Mitch Branson‘s awesome ass.

It doesn’t matter whether he’s getting fucked or doing the fucking. In either scenario, our eyes are going to zoom directly to those muscular melons! We highly recommend watching his scenes with Ricky Parks or Kristian Alverez. Or any of his damn scenes. If you don’t swoon or pitch a tent while watching him in action, we might consider revoking your gay card.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: COLT Studio Group

To check out Mitch Branson’s hot ass, follow the JUMP:

Obligatory shot of the front!

Having some fun with Nate Karlton: