Everything Butt: Francois Sagat

I haven’t been around Manhunt Daily that long, but when someone told me today that French porn actor and photographer’s muse Francois Sagat has never had his own Everything Butt post, well, I nearly fell on mine! Francois’ middle name IS Ass! Or, sorry, “Cul.” Francois Cul Sagat! It’s a Gallic national bubble butt treasure. The French should make sure there’s a statue celebrating it in a museum in (really) Gay Paree! I would say the Louvre but that Mona Lisa trick is already hogging the attention and they won’t let anyone overshadow her. She would look totally edgy if she had Sagat’s head tattoo though, wouldn’t she? Get on that, French people.

– J. Harvey

For more shots of Francois’ amazing ass, Follow the JUMP: