Everybody’s Gay: ABC News Anchor Comes Out On-Air

And we say “fuck yeah”. Public figures who are closeted (closeted publicly, we mean, many of the celebs are and have been out to friends, family and co-workers) seem to be realizing young gay kids who don’t have role models to look up to need some. Stat.

I have kind of a joyous feeling that this dam is going to break and everyone’s going to be open about it for a sec and get back to business and we can move on to the next issue. Then the pessimist in me says “don’t hold your breath.” It’s just a fucking sad situation that mass suicide (cuz’ that’s what it is, really) had to be the motivator.

ABC News anchor Dan Kloeffler used Zachary Quinto’s coming out as segue to come out himself during a news broadcast. It’s kinda cool how these dudes did it in a nonchalant way – meaning it wasn’t on the cover of a magazine. Not that there’s anything wrong with coming out on the cover of a magazine! Christ, it’s a minefield, ain’t it?

Dan, by his own admission, is apparently single. So if you’re into thin, cute guys who are up on current events – you can write to him in care of ABC’s News Division.

– J. Harvey

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