Errybody Got Outed Over The Weekend: J-Lo’s Boyfriend

The queen beside him is giving face, face, face! My monitor just started sparking.

Chace Crawford isn’t the only young male celebrity the media is trying to catch with a cock in his mouth. Dude with the suggestive finger near his lips and the pepper mill(?) in his booty shorts is Casper Smart. He’s the professional dancer who is currently shacked up with Jennifer Lopez. A rival dancer (it’s like West Side Story) Tweeted the above pic and is claiming Casper’s gay and playing straight for pay with Ms. Lopez all over his Twitter account.

This story was mildly interesting (younger backup dancer plucked from obscurity by superstar after her divorce might not actually be into girls), and then it got a little more interesting when I saw that the dude making the accusations (one Joshua Lee Ayers) is kinda hot.

Then I got less interested when someone accused Ayers of being gay and he responded with this:

So he’s a big fucktard.

The pics above of Smart could be someone just kidding around with his co-workers, and this is just looking like a jealous tantrum from a dumb homophobe.

So, to sum up this morning, Chase Crawford’s probs gay and Casper Smart is probs NOT gay. Adjust your scorecards accordingly.

– J. Harvey