Do You Live In One Of The Top 10 Sluttiest Cities In The US?


Are YOU the reason it’s made’s Top 10 Most Gay Promiscuous Cities? We saw you, meeting dudes on Manhunt and getting your ass reamed to holy hell and back! The site (which exists to help gold diggers find rich people which is so trashy and kind of awesome) compiled their list by polling their gay members as to the number of sex partners they have in a year, and if they join gay social networks just to get laid. Duh, of course they do. This is probably not the most accurate poll, but it’s fun to look at the list and see if your busy cock made your city great!

For the full list, keep reading.

J. Harvey (via Queerty)

If you live in WeHo, chances are you’re a total Pass Around Patty or you’ve stuck your dick in everything but a vagina. Congrats!

10. Atlanta
9. Houston
8. New York City
7. San Diego
6. Chicago
5. Columbus
4. Seattle
3. San Francisco
2. Washington DC

I’m ashamed to say that Manhunt’s capital city of Boston DID NOT MAKE THIS LIST. Gay Beantown peeps, WE NEED TO DO BETTER. You’re making us look prudish!

Do you live in any of these cities? If you do, are these results accurate?