Cute Guy On “Days Of Our Lives” Comes Out To Parents

Sami, you’re such a cunt! All the shit you pulled over the years and you’re having a problem with your son liking dick. And look at Lucas actually sounding like a level-headed cool guy. Usually he’s a giant dildo! Ok, you’re all reading this and you’re totally WTFing (or snoring).

Will Horton is the adorable blond guy on Days Of Our Lives, played by actor Chandler Massey.  He’s been the focus of one of the better coming out stories on television. Sure, coming out is sort of a run-of-the-mill storyline for scripted entertainment in 2012. But this is soap opera. It’s still being watched by people who think they don’t know any gay people around them or in their families. So shit like this still matters. Plus, the kid’s cute.

Check out Will Horton coming out to his parents after the break. Also check out the British dude who plays EJ. Dude is SMOKIN’. See?

– J. Harvey