Courageous College Student Fights Homophobia With Stripping


Austin Cooper, you are a brave fighter in the war against homophobia and discrimination. As a student at the University of Central Florida, all you had to do was keep walking past the bigoted diatribes emanating from Baptist preacher Brother Micah Armstrong’s big mouth. You could have minded your own business and just worried about getting to class on time, or whether your weed man was home so you’d be able to smoke a bowl later. But no, brave sir, you decided to strike a blow for us gays but stripping down to your boxer shorts and distracting and titillating Brother Micah with your ruddy body. If there was some sort of award we could give you (perhaps a trophy depicting you in your boxer shorts) as the Manhunt Straight Ally of the Week, we would. Rest assured that we are with you in your struggle against the forces of darkness and urge you to go even farther next time.

– J. Harvey (via Queerty)

To watch Austin Cooper drop trou for the good guys, Follow the JUMP: