This Is How You Comfort Your Boyfriend If He Doesn’t Get That Raise

Toby Springs is all frowny because he didn’t get the raise he wanted. Like any good boyfriend, Mike Maverick is there to comfort him and assure him that he’s a wonderful, competent human being. Mike knows that there’s just one way to accomplish this. WITH DICK.

Toby pulls off Mike’s pants and begins sucking his cock all the way down his throat and Mike loves every second of it. Mike then moves to Toby’s ass where he gives it a tongue bath that Toby loves. Mike sits in the chair and has Toby ride his cock for a while before bending him over the bed and fucking him doggy style. He then flips Toby onto his back where he fucks him until he cannot hold back and when he pulls out Toby grabs his own cock and shoots a massive load all over himself and then Mike shoots his own big load with one stream hitting Toby in the shoulder.

Better the shoulder than the eye, right? Mike is REALLY good at comforting. I have a hangnail, Mike. I think you need to comfort me. Click here for more.

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