Fuck You, Tate Ryder! If You’re Gonna Have Sex With My Future Husband, You Should At Least Invite Me!

I think I might have to call off my engagement with gay porn star Troy Daniels. I thought I was okay being in an open relationship and watching him fuck other men onscreen. I thought I was okay with him riding dicks that are bigger than mine. I thought I was okay that he had sex with Colby Keller and I didn’t. I thought I was okay with him being as much of a cock slut as he wants to be. I thought I was okay that he got an amazing blowjob from Leo Forte and I didn’t. I thought I was okay with his butthole attending costume parties. I thought I was okay… with us.

I thought wrong.

It turns out that I am not okay with any of these things. The thing that first drew me to Troy—his insatiable hunger for dick—is the same thing that’s going to tear us apart. To be completely honest with all of you, I can no longer hold back my jealousy. I can’t just sit here and smile every time I see someone shove their fingers into that sacred slot specifically reserved for our love-making.

Bye Troy! It was great while it lasted. This new scene with Tate Ryder is the final nail in the coffin that our love will be sealed and buried in, forever and ever.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Hot House

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