Colby’s Crew: This Is Going To Be Quite A Story For The School Paper

I’m a little annoyed. I’ve interviewed Colby Jansen a couple of times and it DID NOT end in Colby sucking my crank, sitting on my face, deep-dicking me until I was left a crumpled, cum-soaked rag on the floor! The latest Colby’s Crew scene features new guy Mickael Storm interviewing Colby for the Sports section of his school newspaper. This story is going to be censored as fuck. I majored in Journalism. You can’t write a news story in which you fuck the subject (that’s more of a magazine or blog thing)! Ugh, present-day White House reporters would be killing themselves all over the place if that were true.

Oh, Colby answering the door in that black tank top, with that friendly, open, and welcoming grin….SWOON.

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Michael Xavier