Colby Jansen Hazes The New Pledge

My only problem with this HAWT Colby’s Crew scene is that I wasn’t there when they shot it. No, my problem is that it’s supposed to be a frat hazing scene and at no time does pledge master Colby Jansen pull out a spanking paddle. If you’re gonna do a frat hazing scene, I want to see wood slapping buns. You’re letting your kinky fans, down! Besides that, this scene is worth your jizz. Colby Jansen LOOKS like a hulking frat guy pledge master and Alexander Pierson is such a little blonde pledge boy waiting to be corrupted. The standard blindfold and jock pledge uniform is welcome, as is Colby all menacing and furry-chested in hoodie. THANK YOU, SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER?

Check out the whole scene over at Colby’s Crew!

Michael Xavier