Cody Rhodes: Behind The Mask

Pro wrestling is fake. No offense to you fans of those brawlin’ speedo jockeys, but they have writers. Don’t snap on me yet, because the BODIES are very real.

One of those bodies is Cody Rhodes. He recently ended a storyline in which his wrestler character was “disfigured” and had to wear a basketball mask for a period of time. So when he was on the mike bellowing at other wrestlers, his douchebaggy yet handsome face was hidden behind plastic. Drama!  He was recently “unveiled” and yep – still hot.

Honestly, I’m writing about him because wrestling is homoerotic and he looks fuckalicious in his Speedo. Also, I’ve been banned from writing about Nick Sterling for the rest of the year. FASCISTS!

Plus, I found a pic of him making blowjob face and I’m hoping some of you Photoshop wizards will superimpose a dick going in his mouth for your Tumblrs.

– J. Harvey

For more pics of Cody Rhodes, Follow the JUMP:

Check out that cock outline!