Celebrity Skin: Tom Hardy

On this side of the pond, Tom Hardy is primarily known for his role in Inception, or being that guy whose embarrassing MySpace photos leaked all over the internet. Of course, he’s about to become a much bigger deal, after getting cast in Christopher Nolan‘s upcoming Batman flick as Bane.

When this guy’s super famous, you’ll be able to say you’ve seen his penis. And he’s made sure of this by getting naked onscreen a lot. Most recently, he flashed his peen in the short film Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother, though you can also catch a glimpse of his goods in Bronson. We really hope he’s a grower. Not that we’re size queens or anything.

– Dewitt

To check out some naked pictures of Tom Hardy, follow the JUMP:

Wait for it…

Full-frontal peen view in Bronson:

Latest nudity in Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother: