Celebrity Skin: Mike Edward

There’s this show on Starz about gladiators called Spartacus: Blood and Sand, and it is RACY. The producers know that they have gays in the audience, because there’s plenty of sweaty warrior muscle running around. Grappling with each other. While naked. This show is AWESOME. Remember that old joke about gay guys being really into gladiator movies as kids? This show proves that it wasn’t actually a joke.

Actor Mike Edward played Segovax, a competitor who is chosen by a princess as her gladiator due to his gigantic tool. Seriously, once you click the link and take note of this actor’s huge club, you’re going to side with that chick. That dick could probably pound a lot of hungry holes into submission if it was let loose.

Segovax was written off the show, but we’ll always have this picture of his large cock to wank to remember him by.

To see Mike’s cock, Follow the JUMP: