Celebrity Skin: Hot Dudes From “Shameless”

Dewitt knows how to pick em’. Showtime’s got this hit show Shameless about this ne’er do well family in Chicago. Their dad is a drunken sot and there’s no Mom around so they kind of have to raise themselves. It’s a comedy(?). I’ve seen it a couple of times, and I like the storyline where the son who wants to go West Point is fucking his former bully, who’s a hot ruffian dumb guy. It’s a good show. Anyway, actors Taylor Kinney (GaGa’s boyfriend) and Justin Chatwin portray minor characters on the show who should be major cuz’ we want to fuck them.

Warning: the following pics also feature some lady bits, BUT we think the shots of naked dude make up for it.

– J. Harvey

To see two guys from Shameless somewhat naked, Follow the JUMP: