Celebrity Skin: Austin Armacost

You already know my feelings on Austin Armacost. And if you don’t? Let me sum them up for you–I’d totally bang the hell out of him. Even though The A-List New York may be the worst representation of gay life since Peter Labarbera‘s blog, it’s clearly entertaining enough to draw in a decent audience.

Rumor has it that the second season’s about to go into production, and they’re still looking for a hot single guy and a fashionista diva to join the cast. Think you know someone who’d fit the bill? Do you happen to be that someone? Head over here for more details, as well as the official application.

We know, we know! You’re all rushing to fill out those forms. ::note sarcasm:: If you need any extra incentive, here’s something that should interest you. Word on the street is that Mr. Armacost will be posing naked (again) in the near future. Not just booty. Full-on peen shots! Are you about to say something snarky or bitchy in response to this news? Perfect! Then you’re a reality star in the making. Seriously, fill out your application now.

– Dewitt

To check out some naked shots of Austin Armacost, follow the JUMP: