Can We Please Make This Video Go Viral? THANKS.

I’ve tried (and failed) to make my own videos go viral. It’s a tough science to figure out! No matter how many times you post something on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or various message boards, there’s no telling what people will latch onto and actively want to share.

However, this is one of those rare moments on Manhunt Daily where everything isn’t about me. In a truly selfless act, I would like to urge you to help me make Andrew Doriane‘s “She’s Like Gay” go viral. This is my best attempt at transcribing the lyrics:

“Breath of the ocean / Tranquil emotions / I’m feeling so safe in her arms / One thing is clear / Heaven is here / With her, I can reach for the stars / Looking at us / Somehow she’s like gay / I’ve always had this feeling / even deep inside / She has been playing gay so real that I believe it. Am I losing my mind?

“No one except her / Keeps me protected / From the forest storms on my way / Her guessing my wishes / Makes me suspicious / She knows me for (??) what I think / God, she’s like gay / (repeat chorus) / Somehow she’s like gay, because she seems to know men as well as gays do / She must be playing gay with me so I can now (?) be like lesbian too / (repeat chorus) / Gay (echo, echo, echo)”

I’ve listened to this eight times, and I still don’t know what it all means. Is he gay or straight? Is it a good thing or a bad thing that “she’s like gay”? Is this the best song I’ve ever heard? Yes. The answer to the last question is obviously “YES”. Please share with your friends so this can become the next “Dragostea din tei”.

– Dewitt

Click through to watch the video for “She’s Like Gay”: