Bromo’s “Raw Renters”: I’ve Never Wanted To Be A Landlord So Much In My Life

“Maybe I can have y’all suck my dick. Whichever does it best? You got the room!” – Gage Unkut aka “The Landlord.”

That’s one of my new favorite lines from a porn scene. And wouldn’t you know it – Gunner Canon, Tom Faulk, and Brandon Evans are more than up to the challenge! Four dudes sucking and fucking constitutes an orgy, right? Well, Bromo does it the right way – fast (but not, too), furious, and (if you’re into it) raw! All those tight asses, wet dicks, and faces contorted in moany pleasure inspired me to give myself some. Moany pleasure, I mean. I didn’t do it at work, I swear. Check out Raw Renters in its entirety here!

Michael Xavier

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