Breaking News: Mark Ruffalo Is Really Hot

I live for moments like this. My biggest boner-crush in the entire world–also known as Mark Ruffalo–has posed shirtless for the latest issue of GQ magazine. It’s only a matter of time before I cum all over my keyboard while desperately trying to catapult myself into the computer screen. Just so I can, you know, nuzzle in his fuzzy armpits.

While this is nowhere near the level of nudity in The Kids Are All Right, it’s enough to get hold me off until the movie comes out on DVD. Speaking of which, when the hell is that happening? Because I have plans to play his sex scenes on a continuous loop. Forever.

UPDATE: Apparently, the movie came out on DVD on November 16th, which means I’m going to have a very busy night with Mr. Ruffalo.

– Dewitt