Bottoms We Absolutely Love: Clayton Archer

Truthfully, Clayton Archer isn’t always a bottom in his scenes. We suppose a more accurate title for this post would have been “Versatile Guys We Absolutely Love To Watch Getting Fucked”, but that just sounded way too wordy for our tastes. For the sake of our boners? Let’s just call him a big ol’ slutty power bottom who can never get enough cock.

Now, if you’re not aware, Clayton appears to the left in the picture above. He’s the total DILF with the salt and pepper hair, topped off with a smattering of tattoos all over his muscular body. And the best part about him? You rarely expect him to get pinned down and rammed like a bitch.

Just look at him next to twinky fucker Stefan Taylor. Do you really expect this little blond kid to shove his thick rod into Clayton’s ass? Absolutely not! This somehow makes everything ten times hotter, especially when coupled with the fact that he really seems to enjoy getting his hole slammed. Take note of the pre-cum sticking to his belly…

Photo credit: Dirty Tony

To watch Clayton Archer get plowed by Stefan Taylor, follow the JUMP:

A bonus pic, from Clayton’s scene with Devin Draz

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