Blake Shelton’s Homophobia Blown To Smithereens By Adam Levine’s Hotness

Blake Shelton recently told MTV News (via Unicorn Booty) that, like the rest of the world, he wants The Voice‘s co-judge Adam Levine’s dick #INHISBUTT. Who doesn’t? Here’s what he said:

All I have to say is, it’s true: I have a man crush on Adam. It blows me away people can pick up on that just by watching that on television. I want to kiss him. I want to kiss him so bad. I don’t care if it’s mutual or not. Can you honestly tell me that you don’t have a little bit of a crush on Adam? He’s sexy, is the word I’m using.

Shelton said some stupid things on Twitter in the past, so perhaps this is a way of making up for that. Maybe it isn’t, though. Maybe it isn’t some sort of mea culpa so the homosexuals don’t think he’s a dildo. Maybe Adam Levine’s body and face just made him blurt out what he’s really feeling. Sometimes I stare at that famous picture of Adam nude with only some lucky lady’s hand over his junk and I think I would renounce Absolutely Fabulous and Twinkies for that guy.

– J. Harvey