Big Dipper & Rica-Shay: “Summertime Realness”

I get a little randy every time I listen to Big Dipper‘s raps, so pardon me if you feel any vibrations while reading this post. That’s just me humping the computer screen so hard that you can feel it, as I daydream about Big Dipper’s thick beard buried between my butt cheeks…

But, um, where was I?

Oh right! ‘Tis the season for queer rap tracks that make you want to shake your ass (see LE1F‘s “Wut” and DeShawn Timothy‘s “55”), and Chicago-based emcee Big Dipper’s “Summertime Realness” is the latest to find a home on our playlist. I would write more right now, but I have to go touch myself in the bathroom. Bye!

– Dewitt

Click through to watch the video for “Summertime Realness”:

BONUS TRACK – “Meat Quotient”: