Bi The Way: Samuel O’Toole Strikes Back

We know, we know! Another fucking post about that Samuel O’Toole guy? Haven’t we told you enough that he’s a hot bisexual dude with a big dick? Well, this time we’re going to let ol’ Sammy do some of the talking. The porn star went off on a rant on his blog, after one follower asked the following question–“Are you really bi? Or is it a kind of gay-for-pay arrangement? For instance, have you ever had a boyfriend?”

After confirming that he is, yes, indeed bisexual, he moves on to tackle other issues: “I’m not really down with the whole gay for pay thing either. I think it’s retarded that some guys do it, more because I know they’re pretty much lying to themselves.”

He continues, “If you do porn steady, and say you’re gay for pay, you’re at least a little bit bi, if not a closet case. Don’t mean to kick some of my homies in the balls there, but it’s how I see it… I’d have to say my favorite is the guys that won’t kiss or suck because ‘that’s gay’. Ummmmm, you either have another man’s cock in your ass, or your cock is in another man’s ass. I think you already crossed the ‘that’s gay’ line.”

Yikes! That’s a pretty strong stance. From there, Sammy questions the correlation between dating and sexuality, wondering why he has to have been in a gay relationship to “prove” he’s sexually attracted to other men. We recommend heading over and reading the full post. Even if you don’t agree with all of these points, the topic is still worth discussing.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Samuel O’Toole

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