Beefy Fuckers: Blaze Gives Marcelo The “Bear” Necessities

Look who’s back on The Guy Site! It’s straight guy bear Blaze! Remember he was the beefy bearish straight dude running in place and playing with butt toys next to Guy Site regular Marcelo. Well, he’s back and it looks like his heterosexuality doesn’t prevent him from experimenting a little. Or a lot. It’s Blaze’s first time sucking a guy off!


He’s also butt banging a boy for the first time! He’s a natural.



It ends beautifully.


Oh, do I have a boner for Blaze. I just want to rub my face across his furry pecs and have him violate me repeatedly. Fuck, my jones for straight guys and then writing about straight guys trying dudes is detrimental to my sex life! It turns out that a lot of straight guys DON’T want to try it!

I could watch new beef fuck for the first time for hours. You can see more shots of Blake and Marcelo below, and watch the whole scene over at The Guy Site.

Michael Xavier

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