Ass Friends, Part 3: The Ass Friendiest

Yes, I still know that it isn’t called “Ass Friends.” Save it for the courtroom, Judge Reinhold.

But Hot House‘s latest (last?) chapter of the compelling Ass Fiends series features Micah Brandt, yet again, and all I can assume is that everyone at HH is reading this and doing exactly what I want now, re: Micah Brandt being in all the things.

Micah is paired up this time with Chris Bines ( who my brain keeps reading as Dylan James for some reason) and Chris really gives it to him, giving Micah cause to be even groanier and louder than his last bout with Ryan Rose.

It’s… really great you guys. Gdamn:



The full version is just 25 mins long, but literally every second of this is totally gonzo. I honestly think you could pair Brandt up with a Real Doll and he’d still find a way to make your dick hard. I can’t even.


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Do yourself a favor and watch the full version at Hot House. If you use this link, they’ll give you 50-fucking-percent off.



– tyler