Are Reichen’s “Leaked Pics” A Bad Publicity Stunt?

Ever since Paris Hilton‘s and Kim Kardashian‘s breakout home videos, the concept of intentionally leaking your own sex tape (or nude pics) has become a huge punchline in pop culture. We’ve seen it played out by 30 Rock‘s Jenna Maroney and Glee‘s Lauren Zizes. And we’ve seen the real-life equivalent coming from troubled singer Chris Brown, whose “ex-girlfriend” conveniently sent out dick pics right before the release date of his latest album.

With the second season of The A-List: New York on the horizon, we can’t help being a little bit skeptical of cast member Reichen Lehmkuhl‘s naked “scandal”. It’s so obviously staged that we could hardly get it up to write about this. Of course, then we thought to ourselves, “Whatever, he’s got kind of nice balls. We’d totally lick them and proceed to move down to his hungry hole. Because, duh, rumor has it that he’s a big ol’ power bottom, and we could easily get him squirming with a few flicks of our tongue”.

Yes, that’s exactly what our inner monologue sounds like. But, more importantly, how can you take text like this seriously? Taken directly from the source: “Reichen, be careful. I hope nobody posts this online, it could hurt your image. Do you think this is good for you and Rodiney? Just weird that someone like you would be on here, seems like you are better than this. Oh well, something is going on.”

This is clearly just setting up a major reality television plotline, where Lehmkuhl and his scorching hot boyfriend Rodiney Santiago deal with the whole situation. OMG, will they break up or stay together? How will Reichen repair his image? And should we be surprised when he appears on the cover of some magazine that’s desperate for relevance?

– Dewitt

To check out Reichen’s dick pics, follow the JUMP:

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