An Interview With Andrew Justice: Catching Up With The Sexiest Man of The Moment

For two months now, you’ve made it abundantly clear that there’s very little you want in life besides Andrew Justice and the lengthy, girthy, rock-hard beast in his pants. Or who am I kidding? We hardly ever see him with pants on. Which is probably why he’s swept The Ten for approximately a thousand consecutive weeks now.

(Actually, he hasn’t because there are rules about that. But in the future, when people try to remember what the summer of 2014 was like, they’ll probably remember this as that golden era when “Boom Clap” was an actual radio hit and, also, our butts got really achy from one too many thoughts about Andrew Justice fucking us stupid.)

But Andrew is more than just the sum of his giant parts, and so I asked him a few questions while he was vacationing in Spain with boyfriend Sean Xavier.


Photo credit: Falcon Studios

Read more about what Andrew’s currently up to below:

Andrew Justice

You’ve been number one on The Ten for a while now. What’s it like winning a popularity contest for hotness?

The first week I was on the competition, I saw the guys I was up against, and I never imagined I’d have a chance with such a group of gorgeous sexy men. Each week, I am still amazed when the results come out. I thank everyone who has voted for me.

If you couldn’t vote for yourself, who would you be voting for this week?

I don’t think I could decide! I would happily have sex with any of them. Actually, I am pretty sure there have been at least a half dozen on the list so far that I already have had sex with.

So you’re in Spain now… What’s your itinerary? Any chance you’ll be boning Dario Beck?

I’m on a train now from Madrid to Barcelona. I will be there for three days, and a day in Stiges, and then two days in Ibiza before flying home. I’m spending a night in Frankfurt on the way home. I love the warm weather. I will probably enjoy Ibiza the most. I’m more of a beach kind of guy, but I’m also enjoying the history and architecture of the old cities. I had an amazing dinner last night at a restaurant that is older than the country in which I live. That’s pretty amazing!

Andrew Justice

And you live in… Peoria? That’s not a city you hear about very often.

Yes, Peoria is my home, and I do like it there. Most of my time there is downtime spent with family and friends. It’s important, I think, to have a good solid grounding and a place to be off.

You were doing porn a few years ago and took a pretty long break. Why the break, and why the return?

I’ve been doing porn on and off since the end of 2006, and I’ve been back at it since mid-2012. I took a few years off for a girlfriend who asked me to quit. We ended our relationship in 2011, which is when I started to get back into the industry. Who wouldn’t want to go to work to have sex with some of the sexiest men in the world?

You escort in addition to doing porn. Does that give you a lot of time for a personal love life? Are you single? Looking?

It doesn’t give me a lot of time for a personal life. Luckily, my boyfriend of over a year is in the same business, and we frequently travel the country together. He’s actually the first man I have ever dated, and we are having a nice vacation before he starts school in a few weeks. So it will be challenging to be traveling alone again. But I am sure I will have a lot of men to keep me warm at night!

Andrew Justice and his boyfriend Sean Xavier

What’s your single favorite moment in porn been so far?

I think it had to be the great people I have met in the business. And not just the hot guys you see. There are so many amazing people behind the scenes that never get the credit they deserve.

What do you like to do with yourself when you’re not in front of the camera?

I enjoy relaxing with friends and family. I’m not like a lot of the guys in porn, since I don’t like going to the gym all the time. I absolutely loathe it. I love eating as well. Two weaknesses that do not go well with being naked for a living, although it seems to work okay.

Generic question I ask everyone: tell me something about yourself that I would never think to ask you.

I don’t have sex because I am paid to. I truly enjoy sex. I enjoy being someone’s boyfriend for a few hours, a day or a long weekend.

And what have you got coming up for us to look forward to?

The only scene I filmed that hasn’t been released yet is a scene my boyfriend and I did in June for Extra Big Dicks. I did a half dozen scenes with Gay Castings this winter and spring, and took the summer off, so might go back and do some more scenes with them this winter.