Am I Too Old To Join Swim Team?

I’m actually serious about the title of this entry! Looking at these naked pics of Andres made me long for my days as a swimmer, when I had an excuse to run around in a speedo and take out all my aggressive sexual energy on a bunch of H2O molecules. Not to mention, I also got to watch other dudes shower. That was nice too.

My favorite season would be summer, because a few of my teammates would get insane tan lines that accentuated their tight, young asses. I’d fight my hardest to not get a boner (and failed quite a few times). Then I’d go home and fantasize about tag-teaming them with the coach or one of the “creepy” hot older guys who’d hang out in the locker room.

This is relevant, because Andres has great tan lines (and I want to tag-team him).

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Fratmen

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