All Of You Guys In The US Are Gonna Vote Tomorrow, Right?


This election is probably the most heated presidential race in our country’s history. You know what I’m talking about. Friendships have ended. Families have been torn asunder. I don’t ask my peeps (I’m mostly talking about the straight ones) who they’re voting for because I’m scared I’m going to hear an answer which will make me scream, claw at my eyes, and defriend their asses on Facebook. Which is way harsh, Tai.

I WILL point out that, in regards to our community, one of the candidates is seemingly for us and one is seemingly against us. Both have been rather vocal about their stances. There are SO many other issues to consider when voting, but for the LGBT community – our fight for equal rights is KEY.

The gist of it is – you can’t complain if you don’t get your ass out to the polls and make yourself heard. Unfortunately, the deadline to register to vote was Oct. 22. If you ARE registered – here’s two handy dandy URLs to help you find your polling place:

Rock the Vote election center

Finding your polling place on Google and Facebook

Oh, and if you do get out and vote and enough people show us their “I Voted” sticker – Dewitt will be doing a sexy “thank you for voting” dance in one of Manhunt’s Video Chat Rooms on Election Night. He doesn’t know it yet, but I’m sure he’s down for whatever.

– J. Harvey