Manhunt Daily is partners with the legendary hook up site, Manhunt. We like to think of it as Manhunt’s favorite fuckbuddy. Although Manhunt Daily started off as a companion site to entertain the 1.5 million Manhunt members, it quickly gained its own intense following and has since evolved into the premier destination for gay adult entertainment.

The website is popular with Manhunt users but also has built a loyal readership of people who come for the salacious stories, erotic XXX content, free porn, and a very raunchy take on pop culture. Our blogger and Editor Michael Xavier is not only a porn connoisseur and pop culture junkie but has written for several well-known mainstream blogs. His writing is irreverent, clever and will leave you either laughing hysterically or pre-cumming.

In November of 2016, the blog relaunched with a sleek new design featuring a more responsive interface and a renewed focus on exclusive content. The rebranded and redesigned Manhunt Daily will continue to bring you hours of filthy pleasure.