A Salute To Power Bottoms: Andrew Elliot Edition

If we were to make a list of 2011’s best sex scenes, Andrew Elliot‘s double-penetration session with Gabriel Clark and Trent Diesel would be toward the top of our list. There was something so raw and animalistic about the way those two took complete control of their bottom boy, and you could tell from his expressions that Andrew loved every minute of his hole getting used and abused.

While it’s not exactly clear why Cocky Boys hasn’t added Andrew to their ever-growing roster of exclusive models, they at least had the sense to reunite him with their resident jackhammer top. Gabriel certainly doesn’t disappoint with this performance. After sufficiently ramming Andrew with his fingers and a giant dildo, he gives him another hardcore pounding that he won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Oh, but that’s not all! Just wait until the part where Gabriel stuffs Andrew with his cock and the giant dildo… Geez, what’s with this kid and double penetration? Not that we’re complaining or anything. Keep bringing him back, Cocky Boys, as long as he keeps taking it like a champ and moaning like a little bitch! We’re kind of in love.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Cocky Boys

To watch Andrew Elliot getting his hole drilled by Gabriel Clark, follow the JUMP:

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