A Peek Into The Third Issue of Headmaster

Why yes! That is Kennedy Carter‘s ridiculously attractive boyfriend Ivan with shaving cream spread all over his head. But where did this very intimate shot of a gay porn star’s significant other come from? We’re so glad you asked.

For the third issue of Headmaster magazine, co-editor Matthew Lawrence sent disposable cameras to seven of his favorite porn stars. Six of them were eventually returned. The resulting shots include everything from landscapes to self portraits, adorable pets to intense blowjobs sessions. While they’re not all necessarily sexy, they provide an intimate look into each of the camera-bearers’ lives.

And speaking of intimate photography, the issue also features a project by actor Alan Cumming, in which he captures images from 26 different public bathrooms (most of which were taken at gay bars in NYC). Long story short? This is easily one of the dirtiest (and best) issues of Headmaster so far. And it’s fucking brilliant.

Pick up a copy here, or at any of the locations listed here. Oh, and if you’d like to read more about the contributors beforehand, you can do that here.

– Dewitt

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