Southern Strokes: Six Down Home Dudes Do Jello Butt Shots and Fuck

So these young hot guys do jello shots out of their buddy’s butt. The guys decided to put naked Jake in the middle of the floor, ass up so the guys could feast body shots especially from his hot hairy hole. Adam and Jake fought it out to get their mouth on Jake’s hole. After […]

Solo Artist: Southern Strokes’ Logan Taylor Cums For You

Let’s check out Southern Strokes’ Logan Taylor as he purses his dick-sucking lips as he jerks his cock! Logan is hot and sexy and he loves the attention his body gets him. It doesn’t matter if it’s coming from a girl or a guy. Logan woke up on the couch with his morning wood in […]

Southern Strokes: Charlie And Billy Are Two Sexy Strokers

Meet Charlie. Meet Billy. Charlie and Billy have elected to jack their dicks for your viewing pleasure. Every time I swing by Southern Strokes, there’s usually some down-home beef to jerk off over. Speaking of jerking off… Charlie! Billy! You can see more of these two slutty Southerners here (and below)! – Michael Xavier Charlie […]

We Haven’t Looked In On Southern Strokes In Awhile…

Southern Strokes – where amateur boys get it on with other amateur boys! I haven’t featured them in eons, and I’m glad I checked in on them. Joey and Damien have apparently been doing it off camera, so why not record it and get paid. I’m really how appreciatin’ how these two are hot but […]

The “Southern Strokes” Boys Have Themselves An “After Dark” Orgy

Dudes! Let’s film ourselves fucking each other! We’ve come to expect polished production values and crystal-clear imagery when it comes to modern-day pornography. Any studio worth its semen salt nowadays releases scenes that could stand alongside your average cinematic fare in quality. Except that your average cinematic feature doesn’t include cream pies. Sometimes, though, it’s […]

Southern Strokes: Genesis And Cash (Hey, We Don’t Name Them)

Ugh, that name. Ok, “Genesis?” Southern Strokes people, I must tell you that this is not my favorite porn alias. My porn stars shouldn’t evoke the Bible or (for you MTV’s The Real World archivists of a certain age) lesbians who were on a bad season of that show back in the day. I hate […]

When In Doubt, Write About A Southern Strokes Model…

The Ten, our countdown of the sexiest men, is currently being dominated by models for gay porn site Southern Strokes. The incredibly sexy Toby Hart is slated for a first place finish, and his site-mate Carter looks like he’ll just slip into the top five. For all I know, Ethan Brooks might not even make […]

Fuck Vs. Fuck: The Boys of Southern Strokes

Are you getting the impression that we’re biased in favor of Logan Taylor for today’s round of Fuck Vs. Fuck? Then you’re one-hundred percent correct. As fond as we are of his former scene partner Colt McGraw (particularly that drool-worthy bubble butt), his performance suffers from a lousy pairing. We say that with no disrepect […]

It’s Twinks Vs. Jocks In A Southern Strokes’ Sixway!

We should probably introduce you to Jake B (pictured above) before showing you pictures of his group sex session with five other dudes. Eh, whatever! While he’s undeniably one of the cutest in the bunch, we’re much more interested in his costars Jason and Fernando. They really steal the scene with their deep, passionate thrusts! […]

Twink Tank: Let’s Watch Two Southern Boys Bang

Let’s look in on what’s going on over (or under, rather) at Southern Strokes. After Alex worshiped Jake’s cock a while, Alex was ready to have Jake take his cock. Jake got on top and sat his tight pink hole on Alex’s huge throbbing cock. Jake’s hole was so tight it grabbed hold of Alex’s […]