Beefy Fuckers: James Huntsman Initiates Jordan Boss Into Gay Sex

The pecs on these two! James Huntsman thinks Jordan Boss might be gay. Spoiler alert – he’s right! James smiles at Jordan’s assertiveness before flipping him over and pounding him doggy style from behind. He gives Jordan’s ass a nice hard smack, grabbing Jordan by his shoulders and fucking him even harder, before flipping him […]

Drill My Hole: Rocke Rathburne Gets Surprise-Sucked Off By Jordan Boss

The new beef in town, Rocke, has chosen a last name! He’s now Rocke Rathburne! For a brief moment, he was Ronin for ChaosMen. You know how it is when you’re first starting out in porn. You choose, use, and discard porn names like rubbers. I’m glad Rocke was finally able to settle on one […]

Damn That’s Big: Brenner Bolton And Jordan Boss

That is pretty big. You might want hole insurance. One of the mmmaaannnyyy reasons I stan for Gay Room is because they have it so that when you sign up for ONE of their sites, you get ALL of them. That’s a lot of fapping. And not just your filmed-it-on-a-smartphone-in-the-stall-of-a-bar-bathroom quality vids, either. Gay Room […]

Beat Winter By Staying Hot with Porn

I hope you’re somewhere warm because for most of us living up north, winter is ruining our lives!  If that’s the case for you, try to stay toasty at home and kill as much time as you can getting off to the best hardcore pornography on the Internet. Maybe head over to GayDailyHot for a rundown […]

Get NextDoorRaw (And 17 Other Sites) For 50% Off!!!

Yeah, I know. That’s 18 sites! At 50% off! And you get hot content like this latest scene with sexy fuckers Roman Todd and Jordan Boss… With the hot pool guy out on the back deck, Roman Todd & Jordan Boss decide to put on a show to see if he’s interested in watching. As […]

Micah Brandt Is So Hot That I Can Ignore Those Dumb Spock Ears

I have a sense of humor. I can get into a good porn parody. But Micah Brandt makes me sweat and the cosplay in this Star Trek A Gay XXX Parody is interfering with my enjoyment of this one. Jordan Boss is way hot, too, and it’s a testament to his hotness that he can […]

Leprechaun Magic at

This is a lotta wizardry for my tastes. went out of their way to shoot a scene just filled to the brim with shamrocks and Guinness  and leprechauns and gold pieces and drunken Irishmen (I’m kidding – I don’t know if either of them are Irish) for St. Patrick’s Day this year. Upon waking […]

The Cock Buffet: Brought To You By Moaning, Grunting & Dirty Talk

True, true! Guys who get verbal in porn have been known to overdo it, but when the right words or sounds come out naturally, it can enhance a scene and make it 10,000 times more orgasmic than if you were merely watching the action on mute. While I’m not necessarily saying the following fifteen clips […]

Editor’s Picks: The 100 Sexiest Men of 2013

My indecision will be the death of me. After assembling part one and part two of our “Sexiest Men of 2013” countdowns based on popularity alone, I decided it was far too much to choose a top ten from the 250+ names I jotted down in consideration for my “Editor’s Picks” list… So, naturally, I […]