American Muscle Hunks: Johnny V And Big Joey D Are Fire

These two! I believe I read somewhere that they were a for-real couple at one point? You can tell! American Muscle Hunks’ Johnny V (he of the blonde flattop and my undying lust) and Big Joey D (he of the beefy buttcheeks and fuck-thrust from heaven) connection is PALPABLE. And they’ve both got that masculine […]

Sean Cody: Joey Didn’t Get Enough Dick From Randy The Last Time

The Sean Cody interview guy (is that Sean Cody himself?) asks returnee Joey about a previous threesome he took part in with returnee Randy (this one?) in the beginning of this clip. “So, you didn’t get enough dick from Randy in the threeway?” Joey is quick to respond! “No. Clearly not enough.” He ain’t playin’! […]

Big Joey D Treats Troy Accola Like Bareback Fuck Toy

American Muscle Hunks always knows how to please me. They take muscle buddy Big Joey D and sexy Troy Accola and slam them together for a raw dog fuckfest. How do I love Big Joey D’s bareback fuck prowess? Let me count the ways. 1. 2. 3. 4. And that’s just FOUR. Big Joey D […]

American Muscle Hunks: Joey D. Remains A Fuck Maestro

Well, maybe more like a master chef. Watching Joey D prep Zak Bishop for a good, hard fucking is like watching a TV chef prep the ingredients to make a masterful meal. He carefully and lovingly lotions up Bishop’s perky buttcheeks and sizeable pucker (someone’s been power-bottoming) for a slick shaving. He makes sure Bishop’s […]

American Muscle Hunks: Big Joey D Gives His Big D To Griffin Barrows

These two work well together. There’s this moment in American Muscle Hunks’ latest when Big Joey D is slamming his cock into Griffin Barrows’ mouth. Barrows starts to gag so he squeezes Joey’s buttcheek to indicate that he might need to come up for air. Instead of withdrawing his dick, Joey sorta of wiggles his […]

Friday Night Muscle Fucking With Joey D + Micah Brandt

This is almost too good to be real. I’ve watched this clip about six times already since yesterday when it came in, and I know I’m usually like “OMG THAT’S SO HOT! I LOVE HIM!” but jeeeeeeeze you guys. This is the real deal right here. I’ve talked about Micah Brandt on here before – […]