Get MEN For Only $14.95 A Month! (And Watch Jaxton And Aspen Flip-Fuck!)

Ooooo, that hunky William Seed. With the mohawk, and the body, and that DICK. Spring has definitely sprung, which means porn sales, which means you can get Seed-ed for $14.95 a month on MEN for a limited time. Use this link! (p.s. You can see more of William Seed here.) And if William isn’t enough […]

Aspen Shoves Australia Up Jack Hunter’s Ass

Ok, he didn’t shove the entire continent. Just one of the native instruments – the didgeridoo! Tall cocksucker Jack Hunter is Aspen’s roommate, and he’s practicing his didgeridoo. And he’s making so much native Australian noise that beefy little Aspen can’t sleep! Aspen’s pissed! He’s so pissed that he stuffs the didgeridoo up Jack’s butt! […]

Will Jake Ashford Find Love With Aspen?

Probably not. Especially since Aspen found Jake Ashford’s name on the stall in the men’s room. It’s the next chapter in MEN’s “For A Good Time Call…” This week, Aspen dials Jake’s digits! He arrives at Jake’s place to find a candlelit dinner waiting for him. Jake wants more than a dick-wetting. He wants love! […]

Aspen Shows Bud Harrison The Long And Short Of It

Bud Harrison is taller than his scene partner Aspen. This matters very little, so to speak. Scrappy Aspen just climbs Mt. Bud and starts fucking. Size DOESN’T matter. (Usually.) For more of Aspen on Bud Harrison, click here. – Michael Xavier  

Str8 To Gay: Poor Aspen. He’s Always Getting Victimized.

But at least he’s the top in this one (PLEASE let him be tricked into bottoming in Part 2!)Aspen is the beefy guy you often see on Bromo getting dominated and humiliated. He was the unfortunate star of their “Straight Bitch” series. Well, it turns out Aspen is still getting used and abused. In the […]

MEN: Aspen Upgrades From A Barbie Doll To Luke Adams

Uh, the part with the doll…? In the weirdest case of desperate-for-something-to-masturbate-over that I’ve ever seen in a gay porn scene, Aspen turns from his smartphone to a nearby Barbie doll, and then to an imaginary Luke Adams? The fuck? Unless you’re a straight guy with a very specific fetish, this is the most ridiculous […]

Let’s Get Kinky: Aspen’s Ass Gets Spanked, Stuffed And Fucked

Sure they’re all straight… The bubble butt on Aspen is monumental. It’s two gorgeous flesh mountains that you are going to want to climb. Repeatedly. And then you’ll want to use his buttcrack as your full-face oxygen mask. Evan Marco rings up some sort of agency that sends you over beefy hot guys to sexually […]

Kurt Wild Returns To Porn & Gets Fucked By Aspen

This is a great day for fans of Kurt Wild. The power bottom gay porn star has returned to porn in this new video from called Scared Str8 Part 3. Check out the XXX trailer below where Kurt Wild gets fucked by prison guard Aspen. And don’t forget to comeback next Saturday for another […]