Huge Cocks: Wesley Woods Tries To Help Adam Thicke With His “Dancing”

He ain’t called “Adam Thicke” for nothin’! Adam Thicke is strapped for cash and finds an open dancer position at the local gay bar. His roommate Wesley Woods assists him with learning the moves and the ways of the sceneóand primes that cock for all the ass itíll get once he lands the job. It […]

Wesley Woods And Jacob Peterson Decide They’re Gay

Wesley Woods and Jacob Peterson are competing for the same annoying girl. Luckily, they get a clue. Yet when she brings them together, they set their sights and hard cocks on each other—forcing her out of the picture (and her house). Wesley sticks it into Jacob and realizes a pleasure he would never have felt […]

Wesley Woods And Noah Jones’ Sex Tape Is Discovered

Paul Canon’s been busy! Paul Canon comes across evidence of Wesley Woods whereabouts in the form of a sex tape between him and Noah Jones. He tunes in and begins devising a plan to get his best friend back from wherever he may be. I’m not sure about all this intrigue but Wesley Woods and […]

MEN: Jake Ashford And Paul Canon Welcome Wesley Woods

I’ve always thought that the best way to deal with relationship issues is to bring in a third dude. Hey, it worked for Jake Ashford and Paul Canon. They’re staying at some combo bathhouse/hotel, and not getting along. Enter a very naked and semi-erect Wesley Woods! He comes back to kiss up in a solo […]

Colby Keller And Wesley Woods Are “Mesmerized” For MEN

At a certain point in this scene, when Colby Keller is blasting his ass, Wesley Woods lets out a loud, gutteral moan that perfectly captures what Colby’s dick is doing to his insides. And to my jerking off plans tonight. It’s like “AAEREYAYAYHHHHH!: Yes, Wesley. We hear you! We feel your (exquisite) pain! The latest […]

Wesley Woods And Tom Faulk Are Flip-Fucking Each Other For Naked Sword

While we were *ahem* away putting the finishing touches on Manhunt Daily: The New Shit, Naked Sword began releasing the fantastic “Scared Stiff.” A spoof on slasher flicks, EVERYBODY’S in this one – Colby Keller, Jack Hunter, the return of Seth Santoro, Ryan Rose, the list is endless! Written by drag royalty Jackie Beat (luckily […]

Here’s Ryan Rose And Wesley Woods Fucking

These two were destined to fuck. How did Falcon’s “Wild Weekend” series take so long to slap Ryan Rose and Wesley Woods together? When Wesley tosses Ryan on to the bed, and Ryan already has a big semi and they’ve barely touched, well, you know it’s going to be a good scene. Oh, and it […]

Jaxton Wheeler Schools Jack Hunter And Wesley Woods In The Steamroom, Part 2

The best part about Bromo’s The Steamroom Part 2 (besides all the dicks, buttfucking, and kink lite)? You don’t have to see Part 1 to know what’s going on! All you need to know is that Bromo’s roughest rider Jaxton Wheeler is large and in charge. Jack Hunter and Wesley Woods must submit to his […]

Connor Halstead Spent NYE Fucking a Stud in Red Socks

Connor Halstead is one of our favorite new porn studs.  With his hot body and big cock, you can’t go wrong.  He recently spent New Year’s Eve fucking a hot stud in red socks!  We didn’t know red socks were so hot, until now. Who is this stud in the sexy socks?  Visit QueerPig for […]