Men Over 30 X2 = Men Over 60!

No wait. Double check that math. That sounds wrong.   There’s something about this site that keeps pulling me in even when it’s not like the BEST best. I just have a thing for watching like full-grown adults fucking, because it’s just better than watching super young dudes doing it. Grown up men know what […]

Fuck Vs. Fuck: Men Over 30 Edition

Oh hey! If you’re the type of person who sucks at checking your Manhunt inbox, then you might have missed that Men Over 30‘s offering an exclusive $14.95/month for LIFE deal to members of our site. You can click the banner toward the end of the post if you’d like to take advantage of this […]

Manhunt & Really Want You to WIN a Johnny Rapid Fleshjack!

It’s been a long time in the making, but the Johnny Rapid Fleshjack is finally a product you can buy.  And now you can win your very own thanks to a Manhunt contest sponsored by  The winner can select either the Johnny Rapid dildo, or the sleeve.  If you have never used a Fleshjack I can overshare […]

Someone Made a List of the 30 Best Butts in Gay Porn

Like butts?  Me too!  That’s why I was excited to disover that Str8UpGayPorn ranked the very best butts in Gay Porn! We don’t want to spoil any surprises for you, so if you’re a lover of the big ol’ booty, head over to Str8UpGayPorn and see if you agree!  Leave your pick for best butts […]

ChaosMen: Caspar And Cayden

ChaosMen’s Caspar has the smug look of someone who knows he’s about to take the dick of a much less burly man and is perfectly fucking fine with it. Go to it, Cayden! (It helps that they’re sort of the same height.) Pairing Caspar with guys who match his mass and height has been interesting. […]

TitanMen’s “Pool Service” Is A Ginger Lover’s Dream

At least that’s what TitanMen’s PR dude tells me. Looking at the pics and watching the teaser for the first chapter of “Pool Service,” I’m thinking I agree (Bennett Anthony’s is in this one, too). Jack Vidra has been enticing me with his slutty Twitter antics for awhile now. The contrast between him and Matthew […]

ChaosMen: Kodi Sucks Off Ansel

You know when the head is ssssoooo good you might explode? It’s written all over Ansel’s face. Kodi is sucking THE IMMORTAL SOUL out of Ansel. Ansel might be soulless after this. Satan’s going to be annoyed if he ever tries to come for Asnel’s soul. It’s already gone out via his dick. To see […]

Bel Ami’s Freshmen Continue To Be Young Gods

Look at the beauty of the Bel Ami’s Freshmen dudes. That’s Nino Valens and Jamie Durrell. That’s Lars Norgaard & Claude Sorel. ARE THEY FOR REAL? The Eastern European dudes they snag for Bel Ami must come from some sort of factory in which the owners have sold their souls to the devil. Hot young, […]

MEN: Jackson Grant Puts His Political Career On The Line With Noah Jones

These two are smokin’! And I’m not just saying that because hotass Jackson Grant is supposed to stop by Manhunt HQ in the near future and has hinted he’d be into getting bareass for my smartphone’s camera. It’s good to be a porn blogger. MEN has Grant playing a politician that started sexting with young […]

Huge Cocks: ChaosMen’s Anton

It’s been a good week for big dicks here on Manhunt Daily. Phoenix blew us away with his man-cannon. I just posted about Brendan Patrick almost finding himself unable to mouth Jeff Powers’ beer-can. And now we’re on to Anton from ChaosMen. Dude is gifted! Young, hung, and full of cum! Cute Sean Payton has […]