Max Wilde And Dante Colle Go On A “Boys’ Trip”

Yes, a “Boys’ Trip.” I’m guessing it’s full of hot, sweaty pornographic sex. Max sets off to find Dante so he can release some raw sexual energy. Dante is happy to oblige; he eats that ass then pumps him to a hot cumclusion. I guessed right! Of course, I did. It’s sexy-hot fuck soldiers Max […]

Three The Hard Way: Diego Sans Brings Max Wilde And Ian Frost Home To Fuck

Diego Sans has GREAT taste. This series is called “Look What I Can Do” and they might be talking about fucking. Ian Frost and Max Wilde worship Diego Sans heavy cock with wet mouths and hungry holes. Yep, they’re talking about fucking. Watching Max Wilde and Ian Frost flip and flop for Diego made me […]

Huge Cocks: Diego Sans Poses For “The Artist” Max Wilde

When Diego Sans drops his robe in MEN’s The Artist, my jaw dropped. It dropped because I want that Foster’s Lager can-sized (length AND width) cock in MY mouth. The actual artist of our story, Max Wilde, can only paint his dick. Can you blame him? It’s like it’s the only thing in the room!. […]

Let’s Get Kinky: Jaxton Wheeler Ropes Max Wilde

Ooooo, Jaxton Wheeler RIPS his shirt off his beefy body in the teaser for Bromo’s Abandoned and I nearly fell out of my chair. The beefy majesty of Jaxton Wheeler! After watching him fuck close-up, I did wonder if I would explode with the force of his fucking and the bulk behind it. BUT I […]

DylanLucas: Max Sargent Stuffs Brandon Wilde’s Bubble Butt

I love these sorts of cliched scenes. Brandon Wilde is sweeping out the garage when the neighbor man Max Sargent ambles over to see if he can get up in that butt. Wilde immediately puts that brook down and gets another sort of broomstick in his butt. Brandon Wilde’s ass is pretty hard to resist. […]

Cock-A-Doodle Do Me: Christian Wilde (II)

If you believe everything my dick has to say—and why shouldn’t you—Christian Wilde‘s bottoming debut was quite feasibly “The Best In The History of Butts“. Fortunately, the sight of his fuzzy virgin hole getting plunged for the first time didn’t magically destroy our desire to watch him pound ass, and he’s doing just that (over […]

Christian Wilde Is Still Very Hot.

In the midst of compiling absurdly long recaps of Hunting Season, I failed to realize that I’m basically writing recaps of NakedSword‘s new original series Wilde Road. Here’s what you need to know so far! Dylan Roberts fakes his own death in a swimming pool. Christian Wilde gives him mouth-to-mouth, freaks out about kissing him and […]

Climb Jaxton Wheeler’s Tower Of Ass

I’ve often seen pics of nude dudes forming a rawdogpile, but never seen that tower of ass actually intruded upon! Until now! Bromo’s Jaxton Wheeler stacks Max Wilde, Pierce Hartman, and Cody Smith one on top of the other and fucks all three hot asses in a row! All that fuckable ass just stacked there […]

My Five Favorite Scenes: Jesse Jackman

Jesse Jackman is a seasoned performer and…you know in a gladiator movie where his opponent comes stomping out from the shadows? And he’s this giant mountain of a man that fairly DRIPS with sexy? And you know the hero’s going to get his ass kicked? Yes, I usually side with the villains. That’s JESSE. He’s […]