Instagram: Peachiz

Guess why they call him Peachiz! – Michael Xavier Gains ✔️ A post shared by Peachiz (@peachiz666) on Jul 26, 2017 at 2:23pm PDT My blurred frontal was kept up for longer then excepted! More lovers then haters this time around! (Note, what's taken down isn't controlled by instagram. It's controlled by the users who […]

Instahot: Here’s A Lot Of Hot Guys From Instagram

You’re not here to read my writing. It’s not like I’m going for the Pulitzer. It’s all about serving as a host…a conduit, if you will, to filthy content featuring incredible-looking men. Instagram is a veritable art gallery of beautiful men. Here are some selections you’re sure to enjoy. Manhunt Daily should probably have an […]

Instahot: Here’s More Porn Stars To Follow On Instagram

Colby Keller Millions thanks for those who help report the acc A post shared by Colby Keller (@colby.keller) on Feb 17, 2017 at 5:49am PST We covered that scene. ❗😈LIVE NOW😈❗ #TheStillestHour Pt. 1 ONLY AT @cockyboys @willwikle @colby.keller @levikartercb A post shared by Colby Keller (@colby.keller) on Dec 27, 2016 at 7:54am PST What […]

Manhunt’s Having A #ManhuntMoji Contest On Instagram!

Hey readers! You follow Manhunt on Instagram, right? If not – DO IT. They’re having a contest! You can win $100, a free week on Manhunt, and the love and adoration of millions when you get a shout-out from Manhunt! Basically, take a pic of yourself sans clothes or in some other scandalous pose (keep […]

Manhunt’s Instagram Features Hot Guys Emojiied

I realize that Manhunt Daily is a porn blog. We’re all about the filthy fun that the gay porn industry brings you on the daily. But sometimes, a little mystery might be necessary (say if you’re at work, in mixed company, don’t want your boyfriend or husband to chew you out for looking at porn […]

Instahot: Porn Stars To Follow On Instagram

Well, they’re not just on Twitter. Porn dudes are ALL over Instagram. You gotta have your ass EVERYWHERE in the age of social media. Now, unlike Twitter, you really can’t show anything that explicit on Instagram. Instead you get…filters? Ok, that trade sucks. But a lot of our fave-rave porn performers skirt the rules and […]

Instahot: Let’s Check Out Brent Corrigan’s Instagram

Porn stars have Instagram accounts! Brent Corrigan has one. I’ve mentioned this before, but I love Brent Corrigan’s current look – older, filled out, twinkie turned fuckstud. It’s nice to see that probably the most well-known twink buttsluts in gay porn history can evolve and improve with age. I think he’s way hotter when he’s […]

Let’s See Who’s Looking Fuckable On Instagram!

This is why social media was invented. Social media wasn’t invited to stay connected and feed our egos! It exists to check out hot guys we want to fuck! Instagram is a treasure trove of sexy fuckers, and here’s a nice set of them to stave off those Sunday night blues. – Michael Xavier Feeling […]

Your Gay Porn Favorites Are On Instagram

Yes, it’s true. You can’t really show cock on Instagram unless you’ve got about .2 followers or you’re super shifty or you’re Taylor Swift. That chick got two zillion snake emojis taken off her Instagram left there by disgruntled Kanye West/Kim Kardashian fans with a special tool Instagram gave her. She could totally show a […]

Instagram Round-Up: Guys In Jeans Are Way Underrated

In an odd twist, this post is about men wearing clothes. I know. It’s a stunning departure from the norm, but sometimes a little mystery can be a good, if not great, thing. There is something very sexy about a good-looking guy in a pair of form-fitting jeans. That’s why you have that cowboy fantasy […]