Huge Cocks: How The Hell Is Grayson Lange Fitting Colton James In His Ass?

Is it really disconcerting when a really young-looking dude has a GIANT cock? Maybe a little. The proportions seem a little off sometimes. Nevertheless, Colton James has a dick the size of Texas and I’m not sure how Grayson Lange managed to fit it all in his twink ass. BUT HE DID. With one hand […]

Twink Tank: Grayson Lange And Felix Medina Are “Goofballs”

Felix Medina is new to Helix Studios and they paired him with Grayson Lange to ensure that his first scene is a twink fuck frenzy. Mr. Quick Study Lange lavishes his attention on the newbie; making him feel comfortable in ALL the right ways. Felix has a ferocious phallus and its deep throated fiercely by […]

Twitter Feed (Me): If Gay Porn Stars Are A-Tweetin’, We’re A-Followin’

Blah blah blah introduction to this week’s “Twitter Feed (Me”)! (Don’t worry, I know you just come here to see who’s been showing off their cock on Twitter this week. I forgive you. p.s. Manhunt Daily’s on Twitter. So is Manhunt proper! You can always count on the very posable Jackson Grant to bring the […]