Alex Mecum And Fane Roberts Splatter A Truck With Their Cum

Not everything in the desert is dry! ‘Let me suck your dick some more,’ Fane begs, as Alex once again offers up his massive, thick dick. Fane has an incredible mouth and after working Alex a bit longer, Alex explodes all over Fane’s face. Knowing that he’s done an incredible job at pleasing the good […]

Huge Cocks: JJ Knight Rides Fane Roberts

Falcon’s Route 69 is on fire. (Someone might want to call a road crew.) It’s hard to miss the massive bulge in JJ’s pants and when he pulls his extra-large member out from hiding, Fane is right there to suck it. JJ’s dick is so big and thick that it’s hard for Fane to fit […]

Austin Wolf And Fane Roberts: Beefy Butt Fucks Bubble Butt

Fane Roberts picks up butt of death Austin Wolf in a bar and takes him back to his room. Fucking happens. Once he’s inside, he picks up the pace and pounds Fane with a frenzied urgency to get the job done. Fane’s hole takes a beating with every thrust from the muscle stud’s pelvis. Austin’s […]