Charlie Pattinson And Conrad Logun Fuck Near The Dumpsters

I’ll have you know that my first kiss was behind a dumpster. This was prophetic when it came to the sleaze level of my future sex life. Cute-ass Charlie Pattinson and hot beardo Conrad Logun record themselves sucking and fucking in some alley somewhere. It’s Reality Dudes. It needs to feel real! This is very […]

Men’s Charlie Pattinson: Johnny Rapid’s Older Brother Does Gay Porn, Too?

Meet Charlie. Am I insane or is there a resemblance between Men’s hot new find Charlie Pattinson and the eternally youthful Johnny Rapid? Right? This could become a Showgirls situation. Charlie better watch his hot ass on the staircases at Men! via GIPHY Maybe I’m insane. Anyway, Charlie Pattinson has a wholesome thing going on […]

Dick Dorm Comes Up With An Extremely Novel Way To Get Drunk

You’re probably guessing that “Dick Dorm” combined with “way to get drunk” means that someone in this scene is getting a beer enema. YEP. It’s Dick Dorm, they’re twisted as fuck. Johnny Rapid’s sexier double Charlie Pattinson (what, I think Charlie Pattinson looks like Rapid except hotter…we don’t ALL have to immediately nut at Johnny’s […]

Happy New Year! It’s Michael Xavier’s Top 21 Porn Stars Of 2016!

Beloved readers – I took over Manhunt Daily in July of 2016, and we finalized a revamp and a relaunch of the blog in October. It’s been quite a ride so far! Some of you like what I’m doing, some of you hate it and left (I miss you!), and some of you just want […]

Twitter Feed (Me): Gay Porn Filth On Twitter, Read All About It

It’s that time again. Time to peruse our porn boys on Twitter and see what’s shaking. Or cumming. Or sucking. Fucking. Rimming. Using sex toys. Taking nasty selfies. You know, the usual Twitter stuff. Start right below my name…. – Michael Xavier p.s. Follow ME on Twitter. Follow Manhunt Daily on Twitter. Follow Manhunt on […]