Bennett Anthony Services The Pool (And Adam Ramzi)

Bennett Anthony’s taking his sweet ass time cleaning that damn pool! But that’s good for us, cuz’ he’s fucking everybody in sight! This week, it’s hot gardener Adam Ramzi. Bennett puts down his pool skimmer, Adam puts down his clippers, and they fuck for the gods! The juxtaposition of the pale ginger against the swarthy […]

Jason Vario Is Fucking Bennett Anthony For TitanMen

Thick-dicked Jason Vario is living the life. Lounging by the pool all day is decadent enough, but then hot ginger pool boy Bennett Anthony puts down his net and starts sucking his dick! It’s only fair to reciprocate by putting that big cock in Bennett’s fuzzy ass, and riding him for all he’s worth on […]

TitanMen: Liam Knox Busts Bennett Anthony

This TAXXX drama from TitanMen is still keeping my interest despite being about taxes. And shady finances or something? (I repeat, we are clearly running out if ideas, but who cares – it’s about the fuck action.) Liam Knox and his made-out of-bricks bod bust ginger fucktarget Bennett Anthony’s rub-n-tug parlor. As run-n-tug employees have […]

Jordan Levine Is Fucking Bennett Anthony For Bromo

The porn industry has been an embarrassment of riches for me lately. BEEF IS IN. I will never not be in recovery from Dad Group, Part 3. My gravestone might read “Jerked Off To Dad Group, Part 3 A Lot” under my life and death dates. The gold rush continues with Jordan Levine and Bennett […]

Caleb Daniels And Bennett Anthony Are Flip-Fucking For Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion would like to introduce Caleb Daniels: Caleb Daniels hails from Philly, loves rimming, and relishes an intense, connective rapport with his sexual partners. I believe you’re already VERY familiar with the fire that is Bennett Anthony. He definitely takes a shine to Caleb. Bennett eagerly gets down on his knees and inhales Caleb’s […]

Hot Or Not: Piss (Bennett Anthony And Sean Duran Think So)

Piss was ALL OVER the news this week due to our President-Elect ALLEGEDLY (even on a gay porn blog, you have to use that descriptor) enjoying himself a golden showers show in Moscow. Have you ever seen so many golden showers jokes and memes in one week? It’s delightful! So, of course, I had to […]

Titan Men: Anthony London And Bennett Anthony Are On “Parole”

This makes me want to commit a crime. It’s like Beef and Ginger Day today here at Manhunt Daily. Earlier, you met my new fuckbuddy Ronin from ChaosMen. I’m still afterglowing. And then Alex Tanner continued to explore Next Door Studios’ Str8 Bait Hostel. Now we’ve got muscle daddy Anthony London tangling with ginger hardbody […]

Bennett Anthony and David Benjamin Get It On In “Silverlake”

L.A., we love it. Please note that David Benjamin has an insane back, and it would look amazing with a load blown on it. And that is a minor detail compared to the rest of the bodies on display in my new favorite porn clip from Titan, Silverlake. Ginger porn demigod Bennett Anthony and David […]